Fordyce Spots


Fordyce Spots  Removal

Type of procedure - Surgery

Treatment time:

dependent on presented situation, between 1-4 hours


local with mild sedation


Fordyce spots are 2-3mm sized ectopic sebaceous glands. These benign skin developments often manifest on the male genital, often also near the facial lips and can pose esthetic disturbance as well as itching. They are not pathological, but offensive in appearance.

Until now a vast array of therapeutic options such as laser therapy, ointment therapy or with cauterization techniques have been offered. The patients have not often been satisfied with the results.

We offer a special micro- punch therapy as treatment for Fordyce spots. Prof. Pallua developed this technique in 2003 and it has been used since then with huge success.


By the operation the single, 1-2mm Fordyce spots are punched out with a micro-punch scalpel. Additionally, the underlying skin with the gland tissue is removed. The wounds are then closed with a very fine, microscopic suture in order to discourage annoying scarring. This way a reoccuring can be definitely avoided.

Post OP:

Suture removal after 7-10 days
After suture removal a special anti-scarring ointment
No extensive physical exertion for 2 weeks