Body Lift


Body Lift

Type of procedure - Surgery

Duration of the procedure:

4 – 6 hours depending on the preoperative findings

Type of anaesthesia:

general anaesthesia

Type of Stay:

Inpatient treatment for 1 to 2 nights is recommended


After undergoing massive weight loss, the skin often does not contract and instead hangs down in large folds, "apron-like", which can increase with sport, massage or further fasting. The desired weight should be achieved and held for at least 6 months.


Instead of in single steps, the abdominal tummy tuck, the bottom lift and the thigh lift are operated in one sitting. During the operation the skin and the underlying tissue is lifted. The advantage of this method is that only one continued scar is formed and thus the optical result appears inapparent and smooth.

After the operation:

compression suite for body and legs for 3 months
suture removal after 2-3 weeks
begin with the scar treatment (scar massage and possible application of silicon plates) after removal of the sutures
light physical exertion after 3 weeks, full exertion after 3 months
no sports for 3 months