Thigh Lift


Thigh Lift

Type of procedure - Surgery

Duration of the procedure:

1 – 2 hours per leg depending on the preoperative findings

Type of anaesthesia:

general anaesthesia

Type of Stay:

Inpatient treatment for 1 to 2 nights is recommended


Saggy tissue and excess skin in the thigh area – especially on the inner side – caused by a loss of elasticity due to aging or weight loss. So-called ‘saddle bags’ require liposuction.


In less pronounced cases only a short crescent-shaped incision is required along the groins to the buttocks. This ensures that the scars will be hidden under normal swimwear. In cases with more excess tissue, the incision runs from the groins down to about the middle of the inner thighs to permit a tightening of the tissue of the adjacent areas. In more pronounced cases, an S-shaped incision runs from the groins along the inner thighs down to just above the knee joint. The scars lie hidden along the inner side of the thighs. After the excess skin and subcutaneous tissue have been removed, the thighs are tightened and contoured.

It is often advisable to have liposuction as well to achieve a more harmonious result.

After the operation:

Sutures are removed after 2 weeks
Post-surgical wound care (with scar massage und possibly self-adhesive silicone pads) begins after suture removal
Wear a support garment for 3 months
Avoid strenuous activities (such as long walks) for 4 weeks
Avoid sports involving the use of your legs for 3 months