Type of procedure - Non Invasive / Injection

Mesotherapy is a form of treatment based on complementary medicine. It was developed around 1960 by the French doctor Michel Pistor. It contains elements of acupuncture and neural therapy. This method of enhancing skin texture has been improved and is now becoming ever more established in the field of aesthetic surgery.

As years pass, skin loses its resilience, elasticity, colour and sheen. Cosmetic mesotherapy is a form of treatment that biologically reverses the effects of aging.

Tiny microinjections of balanced organic substances, especially hyaluronic acid and vitamins revitalize the skin.

By means of a special injection gun a cocktail of 55 ingredients is injected into the middle layer of the skin, the mesoderm, to provide it with rejuvenating care. In addition, the tingling pinpricks of the mini-injections induce the natural skin tension.

It is no problem to combine mesotherapy with any other forms of therapeutic cosmetic treatment.

Duration of the procedure:

about 30 minutes depending on the areas to be treated

Type of anaesthesia:

No anesthesia of local anaesthetic using a cream for more sensitive patients

Outpatient treatment

Presentable immediately


The injected hyaluronic acid counteracts the loss of volume due to aging. With its own volume and the large quantity of water that it can bind, it pads the wrinkles or creases from underneath, making them less and less visible.

Hyaluronic acid rejuvenates and revitalizes the skin but will be absorbed it after a while. Many patients decide to have a refresher about 6 – 12 months after their first treatment. Repeat treatments are no problem and can be carried out as often as desired. Neither is there a problem if different products are used.


  • Facial wrinkles, cleavage wrinkles
  • Cellulite
  • Inelastic, stretched connective tissue
  • To stimulate blood or lymph circulation
  • "Tired", saggy skin


The substances are inserted underneath the skin by means of a special injection gun. The process causes little pain. If desired, a pain-relieving cream can be applied to the area 15 minutes before the treatment begins.

The treatment is repeated three to five times on a monthly basis until the desired rejuvenating effects and firmness of the skin are achieved. A refresher about 6 months after completion of the treatment is advisable.

Each session leaves the skin with a more even colour and more glowing.

After the treatment:

  • Cool the area slightly
  • You may apply make-up after 2 hours
  • Do not use a sauna, a tanning bed or expose yourself to direct sunlight or extreme cold for a week
  • Do not use a manual peeling for a week
  • Combination treatment with MyHYPPP cream afterwards is highly recommended.