Hair rejuvenation with PRP


Hair rejuvenation with PRP

Type of procedure - Non Invasive Procedure

Concentrate of autologous blood (A-PRP) in low doses (up to 20 ml) is prepared the way that only blood plasma with platelets and growth hormones is retained.

Concentrate of autologous blood (A-PRP) is ready for use during 10 minutes.

Make small punctures with a needle under the visible layer of the epidermis, or - to create volume - a needle is inserted directly under the wrinkle. Depending on the indication, the number of punctures may vary.

Concentrated platelets control the regeneration process in the skin, and stimulate connective tissue.

It is possible to combine with mesotherapy.

Duration of treatment:

Depending on examination results - 1-2 hours

Type of anesthesia:

None. Local anesthetic cream can be applied to more sensitive patients

Outpatient treatment

Return to the normal rhythm of life:

in about several hours
It is recommended
to repeat the procedure - 3-5 courses of PRP-lifting with an interval of 1 - 2 - 4 weeks, and supported treatments every 1-3 months for best results
Sustained effect
for more than 18 months


Alopecia (loss of hair)

After procedure

Local cooling
Elevated position of the head in order to avoid swelling and bruising
Shampooing - within 1 day