Absorbable Fillers (Nefertiti Lift)


Absorbable Fillers

Type of procedure - Non Invasive / Injection

Hyaluronic acid is a substance that can be found in all living organisms.

It is capable of binding enormous quantities of water (up to six litres of water per gram).

Depending on the formulation of the hyaluronic acid, the effects may last for 6 – 12 months. Designed for specific applications, various products with gel particles of different sizes are available.

For cosmetic applications hyaluronic acid is available in the form of synthetic products, i.e. not of animal origin and therefore free of allergens, germs and impurities.

These implants do not require an allergy test.

Which filler is best for you will be decided during your personal consultation.

Duration of the procedure:

about 30 minutes depending on the diagnosis

Type of anaesthesia:

No anesthesia of local anaesthetic using a cream for more sensitive patients

Outpatient treatment

Presentable immediately


The injected hyaluronic acid counteracts the loss of volume due to aging. With its own volume and the large quantity of water that it can bind, it pads the wrinkles or creases from underneath, making them less and less visible.

Hyaluronic acid rejuvenates and revitalizes the skin but will be absorbed it after a while. Many patients decide to have a refresher about 6 – 12 months after their first treatment. Repeat treatments are no problem and can be carried out as often as desired. Neither is there a problem if different products are used.


Frown lines
A furrowed brow
Crow’s feet
Downturned corners of the mouth
Any irregular contours
After the application of a pain-relieving cream the filler is injected into the area to be treated by means of a very fine syringe. Afterwards the area is cooled briefly to prevent bleeding or bruising.

After the treatment:
Cool the area
You may apply make-up after 2 hours
Avoid participating in sports on the day of the treatment