Fordyce spots

Prof. Dr. Dr. med. N. Pallua - Dr. med. J. Grašys

Explanation & Indications

Fordyce spots

Aesthetic surgery that increases self-esteem

Fordyce spots intimate places

No more sebaceous glands in intimate places

Fordyce spots

Feeling of comfort returned to body


Fordyce spots are sebaceous glands, freely located on the body in an atypical fashion. They were named after american dermatologist, John Addison Fordyce (1858-1931). These glands can vary from one to five millimeters. Most of them locate in the mucous membranes of the oral cavity, lips, penis, scrotum or vulva. They are called free sebaceous glands because they are not hair-related.

Scope of application

Fordyce spots on the genitals

On the genitals

Fordyce spots on and around nipples

On and around nipples

Fordyce spots around mouth

Lips and  Area around mouth


Fordyce spots look like white pimples and are found mainly in the area of male genitals, especially in the area of the penile body (thus, they are well visible) and scrotum. They look like small bumps of white color, but are usually harmless if not inflamed or do not cause itching. Serious psychological problems can occur, first of all, in men. Despite these bumps are not contagious, they can be mistook for the signs of sexually transmitted diseases, and this fact can severely affect the sex life of these men. This is a serious problem, mainly because its importance is underestimated. Moreover, this problem can often be missed by physicians, mostly by dermatologists or family doctors. Many conceal about it because of shame. At first, most of people tries to “squeeze out” the sebum. Unfortunately, it is useless, because it appears quickly again, because the gland is not removed. Scars may appear over time. Any creams are absolutely useless, because they do not eliminate the intrinsic cause. As the treatment options, laser treatment, acid application, and dermabrasion have been used, but their efficacy is low and usually short-lived, and in the worst case cen be associated with the scarring.

Fordyce spots treatment


What makes our treatment completely unique?


The method of Micro-punch offers final and durable solution as a method of removal of the glands. Using this method developed by me, one can removed an ectopic papules one by one with the punching scalpel. Each resulted cavity is closed by super-thin film suture under a microscope. This procedure is labour-consuming, but in my opinion and according to my experience, it is the only way to permanently remove the benign tumors. Recurrence is completely impossible. The technology of super-thin suturing allows to avoid the persistent scars. One week later sutures can be removed. There is usually no pain after the surgery. In early post op period, swelling may be seen, but it is quickly resolved. The final result can be assessed in about five months, when the scars heal and the skin regains its natural color. The patient should avoid sexual intercourses for 2-3 weeks after the treatment and use any cream to maintain the elasticity of the skin.

Advantages of our treatment

  • treatment with minimal scars
  • 25+ years of experience in this field
  • no symptoms recurrence


  • Local anesthesia: - without pain
  • General anesthesia – if wished
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