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myHYPPP Personalised & Bioactive Rejuvenation

myHYPPP® is a new, innovative therapy for skin rejuvenation and regeneration

Platelet rich plasma (PRP) Therapy and Mesotherapy

Highly effective natural anti-ageing and hair loss treatments


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Our philosophy

"I have the simplest of tastes. I am always satisfied with the best." 
Oscar Wilde

The human body image stems from the interaction and harmony of a great number of details. Plastic surgery offers countless ways of changing the overall impression by means of minor or major alterations.

Of crucial importance are the operating surgeon’s ‘aesthetic eye’ (What effect will the planned operation have on the patient’s future appearance?), his psychological sensitivity, and the individual care he can offer the patient. Our long years of experience have taught us that not everything the patients ask for is possible or wise.

It is our ambition and personal concern to achieve excellent, long-lasting results that will permanently improve the patients’ appearance and charisma, making them look more attractive, relaxed, energetic, and giving them a better quality of life as a result. Optimal results require individual, tailor-made treatment strategies. Our philosophy is as follows: The patient must identify with his/her body and feel at ease and satisfied in it.


I travelled around the globe to get rid off my fordyce spots. Prof. Pallua was really the best, I didn’t have any pain, there was no scaring and I left the hospital after 6 hours. I would always come back for treatment. 

United Kingdom

I had an upper  eyelid - lift  three months ago: Finally no more tired eyes, no more swellings,  I can wear normal make-up and see the world normally, and most important - fresh again.
Super job!


Ein Jahr lang plagte ich mich mit den Gedanken, mir ein Facelift machen zu lassen. Ich war bei mehreren Ärzten vorstellig, letztendlich war die Auszeichnung im Focus ausschlaggebend.Die Anfahrt nach Aachen war etwas…



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