Breast Reduction


Breast Reduction - Mastectomy

Type of procedure - Surgery

Duration of the procedure:

3 – 4 hours depending on the preoperative findings

Type of anaesthesia:

general anaesthesia

Type of Stay:

Out-patient treatment


Congenital or resulting through hormonal illnesses, also for example through taking special medications or anabolic agents, which can cause an increase in optically disturbing male breast tissue. In addition itching and tension can occur.

Before an OP differential diagnostic procedures from specialists should be initiated inorder to find the medical cause (for example, urologists, pediatricians, endocrinologists)


Depending on the degree of the male breast, either a vacuum suction or a surgical procedure is necessary. Through a small cut on the under side of the mamille, the excess fatty tissue and breast tissue is removed and the skin smoothed flat. A visible scar does not appear as a rule.

After the operation:

Compression bodice for 2-3 months
Suture removal after 2 weeks
Light physcial exertion after approx. 3 weeks
Full exertion after 3 months
Avoid sports activity ( especially with the breast muscles ) for 3 months